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Triumphant Life Church

 Meet Our Leadership Team

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Adriano Silva

Senior and Founder of TLChurch

Adriano Silva is our Senior pastor. He was born in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil; likes hip-hop, rock, soccer, skateboarding, and share the Word of God. He is graduated in 2005 from Rhema Bible Training Center Brazil and 2010 he graduated as Ministry of School Of Ministry Rhema Brazil, and also, in 2014 from Philemon College, with a degree in Theology. Together with his wife Fernanda they teach their three children the love of God and how to give their lives to this mission.

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Fernanda Silva

Co-Founder and Associate Pastor

Fernanda is our Associate Pastor and worship leader team. She loves music, art, and books. she has a degree in Theology and Also is graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center and School of Ministry in Brazil.  Currently, she studies Children Development at Merritt College .

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Genevieve Trwst

Born in France to a French father and American mother. As a sophomore at U.C. Berkeley, she decided to leave California to study abroad in Brazil where she eventually settled long term. In 2011, she accepted an invitation to visit a Christian Church for the first time.  Graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center Brazil in 2015. She is always ready for a new adventure, seeing new places and meeting new people and her biggest mission is to reveal Christ and love people wherever she goes

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Annette Gormley

With a vast experience in business and church, Annette is a sweet woman who surprises many when it comes to music, adventures, and her impressive knowledge about a broad selection of topics such as electricity, the stock market, biology, law etc. She loves kayaking, hiking, and camping. She was born again when she was five years old and had a vision of herself preaching for a large audience with her hair completely white.

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