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“Genesis, The Reality of God’s Creation: Reason and Purpose of Humanity”: a potent look at what mankind can discover through God’s grace. “Genesis, The Reality of God’s Creation: Reason and Purpose of Humanity” is the creation of published author Fernanda Silva, a native of Brazil and loving wife and mother who has served Christ as a founder and pastor of the Triumphant Life Church in Brasilia, Brazil, and Alameda, California. Silva shares, “First, God believed, and then he called what he had inside his heart to existence. In the book The Reality of God’s Creation, we can understand that the reality our eyes see daily is not nearly what the Father wished for us, and through Jesus Christ, we have access to this reality lost by sin. “God’s Word is the most potent encyclopedia in life. However, it would be a mysterious unknown if there were not God’s strong will through the anointing of the
Spirit, both to write it and to interpret it. From this formula, the result is a revelation. In possession of it, what remains is to live and enjoy a life carefully planned by our God and Father. Moreover, nothing is better than knowing how everything was planned. Just see the manual of life—the Word of God—and consult how everything was planned in the beginning. (Pastor Atlas Freire)

“Purpose and destiny!
“To discover the purpose of human existence is undoubtedly one of the most thought-out questions of our time.
“We live in an age when our society is hungry for a purpose, mission, and real sense. Who is a human being? What is your place within the planet and society? When God created man, he had a goal; nothing was done by chance, and everything is wholly connected according to his magnificence. “You have a purpose and a destiny, and until you find out which one, you will never be complete and successful. Once you know your purpose, God will show your destiny.” Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Fernanda Silva’s new book is a thoughtful argument for the importance of accepting God into one’s life. Silva shares in hopes of helping others nurture a strong connection with God through devoted faith and study of God’s Word.

Consumers can purchase “Genesis, The Reality of God’s Creation: Reason and Purpose of Humanity” at traditional brick-and-mortar bookstores or online at, the Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.


About the Author 

Theologian, author, writer, and teacher Fernanda Silva is a dedicated gospel preacher who has faithfully served the body of Christ for over twenty years. Alongside her husband, Adriano Silva, the founder and pastor of Triumphant Life Church in  Alameda, California, USA, and Brazil, they passionately and fervently pursue their mission to preach the gospel to all nations.

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